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The Team

Adam Dartnall

Sammi Britcher
Head Chef

 Hallie Tait, Tom Dietrich, Miranda Campbell, Whitney Chapman
The Floor Team



it starts with a thought

It was a dream of Stones Throw owner, Adam Dartnall, to one day own and operate a cafe.  Whilst sitting at his desk at home completing his thesis at uni, he would get sidetracked with ideas of how his dream cafe would look and feel. After graduating however, Adam pursued a completely different industry to owning a cafe as he felt pressured to get a "real job". What did that mean exactly?

What Adam soon discovered was his passion for owning a cafe would consume him.

In 2012, Adam was in the right place at the right time and through serendipitous connections built a close relationship with Sydney based Belaroma Coffee Roasters (Now known as Seven Miles). Belaroma had a fresh new headquarters in Stones Corner, Brisbane. At the back was an office and coffee training centre and at the front was a small coffee shop. Belaroma invited Adam to build the coffee shop under the name Belaroma and a long, fruitful relationship grew. More excitingly, so did the customer following thanks to the excellent coffee being produced.

In 2017, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters expanded and moved to a larger location in Newstead and Adam renamed grew the once small coffee shop into a beautiful Melbourne-esk cafe that offers an amazing food menu and quality coffee that everyone has come to love.



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