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—  hot drinks—

Single origin or house blend...that is the question. If you want to try our single origins, we recommend enjoying it as a black coffee (aka no milk) or macchiato or piccolo (a bit of milk).  Our single origins change weekly. Make sure to ask our team about what single origin we have today and the best way to enjoy it.



Espresso/Short Macchiato   $3.00
Long Macchiato/Piccolo/Doppio   $3.50
Long Black/Flat White/Cappuccino/Latte   $3.50/$4.50
Mocha   $4.00/$5.00
Double Ristretto Piccolo in 3/4 glass   $4.00
Tumeric Latte   $4.50/$5.50
Red Velvet Hot Chocolate   $4.00/$5.00
Matcha Latte   $4.00/$5.00
Hot Chocolate   $3.50/$4.50
Chai Latte   $3.50/$4.50
Dirty Chai Latte   $4.00/$5.00

Extras 50 cents

Extra Shot/Decaf
Syrup (Vanilla/Hazelnut/Caramel)
Alt. Milk (Bonsoy/Almond/Coconut/Lactose Free)

Loose Leaf Tea $4.50

English Breakfast
Earl Grey
Spiced Chai
Darjeeling Green
Lemongrass & Ginger


—  cold drinks—

—  Iced Latte  —
(ice, espresso, milk)

— Iced Coffee  
(ice cream, espresso, milk, cream)

—  House Special  
(double ristretto, ice, milk)

—  Coffee Milkshake  

—  Iced Chocolate  

—  Iced Chai Latte  

—  Iced Turmeric Latte  

—  Cold Brew  

—  Vietnamese Cold Brew 


— Smoothies —

—  Banana Deluxe  —
(banana, milk, vanilla bean, nutmeg, honey)

—  Green Smoothie  
(avocado, banana, mango, spinach, vanilla extract, almond milk)

—  Jumping Monkey  
(fresh espresso, banana, cacao, coconut oil, peanut butter, milk, honey)

—  Coconut, Mango & Passionfruit  
(mango, honey, cinnamon, coconut milk, passionfruit, vanilla ice cream, milk)

—  Turmeric Smoothie  
(mango, banana, coconut milk, turmeric, honey)